Swine Flu

As you guess from the name, swine flu is a type of virus that usually affects pigs. But recently people have also begun to be infected with this virus, though human does not normally get swine flu. And the worst thing is that this virus can easily spread from human to human. Like many other flu viruses, swine flu virus may be transmitted when someone coughs or sneezes. Therefore nowadays many people are wearing N95 masks that help to filter out the infectious particles.
This virus firstly has occurred in the US before, in 1976. But fortunately at that time officials predicted that a pandemic would occur, so most of the population was vaccinated. However the virus was not virulent enough to lead to a pandemic. So there have been noted only 12 cases of swine flu and no deaths.

Unfortunately, the swine flu virus was suddenly transmitted from pigs to people in Arpil, 2009. Because there have not been taken necessary precautions, this awful virus is increasingly spreading all over the continents nowadays.

So everyone should be aware of the main symptoms and get necessary precautions for themselves and their families. Take this virus into consideration very seriously! Swine influenza may be even deadly especially for those who have weak immune system, no matter the sufferers are young or old. Of course, children are at higher risk for infection. So thoroughly protect your family!

Those who have good immune system are normally recovering within 7-10 days without medical intervention. But be careful with your children: if you notice signs such as difficult breathing, blue skin, as well as high fever or sluggishness immediately go to a doctor to ensure your kids are in safety.

Swine Flu

Swine Flu Prevention

Of course, no one can ensure his/her safety against the swine influenza. However we can assure maximum safety by following some important tips such as:

  • It is vital to frequently wash hands
  • Boost your immune system with certain foods (orange juice, beans, sweet potatoes, sweet bell peppers, carrots, garlic, onions, shrim, whole grains, nuts, particularly walnuts) so that even if you contact the virus, your organism could fight serious complications.
  • Consider over the counter drugs that help to reduce the seriousness of the flu virus.